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Mayo was born during a global pandemic where survival was the only answer. After both being made redundant from our jobs at a tech startup, we started the Mayo empire from our bedrooms. 

We both had the skills and experience. With Evie’s background in project management and web development, and Millie a strategist/copywriter/illustrator with 12 years of advertising, content development and UX design experience – it seemed like the most logical next step was to get cracking to build something we could not only survive off, but help others get online and survive too!

We’re here to build a future-proof digital presence for our clients. We’re bringing in the best talent for each job,  helping feed our freelance people when it’s needed most. 

We exist to strengthen our community so we can see our clients unlock the potential of their brand online. We’re also here to have heaps of fun and build a creative digital agency our childhood selves would be proud of!

Evie & Millie 

Mayo's Values


We believe the future is only as strong as our connection to our community. Our community is our clients, current and future, our talent and those who believe in us to do the best that we can do. Collaboration makes the world go round!


We bring strategy into the process early in the piece  to make sure all the work we do is a functioning part of a larger brand ego system. All of your assets should make sense to your audience across the various touch points they might interact with your brand. 


We are who we are, and we are true to ourselves always. We believe good brands that stand the test of time are authentic, which comes from within and permeates every aspect of a company. We’re real and open about our journey. 


When we have a playful approach to work, we come up with better and more creative ideas. Because we’re having so much fun, the outcome reflects that! We’re always try to bring the essence of play into each project. 

Mayo creative digital agency melbourne

who's blobbi boi & Pickles?

our mateS and the official mayo mascotS

We weren’t lying when we said we love to play. Blobbi Boi is our mate who reminds us that work can be both productive and fun! He’s also a mad dog, he knows the ropes and teaches us lots along the way. His best friend is Pickles, a blind sausage dog who is actually made out of a pickle. He loves jazz,  good times and chillin’. Keep an eye on our socials as they both gift us their wisdom and lols for all! Thanks Blobbi Boi and Pickles – you delicious snack pack.

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Mayo creative digital agency melbourne

We bring it all together.

We proudly live in Wurundjeri/Melbourne, Australia but our community is worldwide <3

We proudly live in Wurundjeri/Melbourne, Australia but our community is worldwide <3

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