Terms & Conditions

Please read through our Terms and Conditions, we ask that you do not use our website or service until you have familiarised yourself with them.

If you are using or have used our service it is understood that you have agreed to the terms set forth on this page.

When we say “We” “Yo Mayo” “Mayo”, “us”, “our” and “our service” we are referring to Yo Mayo and its respective products and services. References to “you” “your” “customer” “client” and the like, refer to you, and your agents.

These Terms and Conditions can change at any time. It is important that you check back here regularly. Your continued use of this website implies acceptance of any subsequent revisions.

Yo Mayo’s liability is limited to the amount paid by the customer to Yo Mayo for work undertaken.

Project Terms

No project starts until Term’s and Conditions are agreed upon and SOW has been signed. 


Payment for projects is made over three stages:

  • Stage One: Prior to commencing work we must receive an agreed upon deposit to begin work. Depending on the service you have chosen, the amount will vary. As a general guide, this amount will be 25-40% of the total fee.
  • Stage Two: Upon completion and delivery of your project we will charge the remaining amount and payment will be made via your nominated payment method.
  • Stage Three: If you have chosen hosting with Yo Mayo, your hosting costs are due on completion of the website and when we hand over the website to you to manage.

Refund Policy

Refund Policy on Website Projects paid in total before commencement

Prior to work commencing:

You will be eligible for a complete refund of your project value if no work has commenced on your project from when we receive payment of your deposit, to when we receive notice in writing that you are cancelling your website project and request a refund.

Once work has commenced:

Once we have commenced work on your project a partial refund may be available to you. Any request for a refund, or partial refund, must be made in writing. Your refund will be calculated by deducting costs associated with work undertaken by Yo Mayo (charged at our current hourly rate) and/or expenses incurred by Yo Mayo relating to your project up to the date of cancellation.

We will provide you with a ledger of work completed, and/or expenses incurred, to justify the refund (if applicable) you will be paid.

Work undertaken on your project may include, but is not limited to;

  • Contact between yourself and an Account Manager and/or website designer from Yo Mayo,
  • The commencement of wireframes/prototypes by Yo Mayo for your project;
  • The development of a design concept(s) by Yo Mayo for your project;
  • The sourcing of imagery for your project, time spent on strategy for your website, internal discussions by our staff relating to your project;
  • The allocation of future staffing resources in response to your project sign-off and any time spent building and/or coding your website.

    Expenses incurred may include the purchase of stock imagery, the purchase of third party technology products and/or services for your project as well as other, reasonably incurred expenses in building your website.

Refund Policy on Website Projects with a staged payment structure

Prior to work commencing:

You will be eligible for a complete refund of your deposit if no work has commenced on your project from when we receive payment of your deposit, to when we receive notice in writing that you are cancelling your project and request a refund.

Once work has commenced:

Once we have commenced work on your project no refund is available on the deposit paid for your project. Work may include, but is not limited to;

  • Contact between yourself and an Account Manager and/or website designer from Yo Mayo;
  • The commencement of wireframes/prototypes by Yo Mayo for your project;
  • The commencement of design concepts by Yo Mayo for your project and other work undertaken by Yo Mayo in relation to your project.

Once design has been delivered:

As per the payment structure agreed when commencing your project we take a Stage Two (remainder of account payable) payment of your website project upon delivery of a website design.

Once this has been delivered and payment taken, no refund is available for the payments made to date. If you choose to discontinue your website build, you must notify us in writing at this stage.
Should you cancel your website build at this stage you will have ownership of the wireframe concept we have supplied to you, as well as the website design concept(s) (excluding stock images and other materials not owned by either party) that we have supplied.

Following site delivery:

Following design approval we will supply you with your website on a hosted service with your domain name, along with login details to your Website (provided we have received payment for Stage Two).

At this stage, your website will contain the content you have supplied to us up to the point of design approval, should we not have received content from you, dummy content will be entered onto your website.

If you have not provided content to us prior to Site Delivery, this is not cause for delay on the Stage Three payment owing for hosting services.

The Stage Three, and final website charge of will be taken 5 business days after we have sent the details of the new Website and log-in details.

If you elect to withdraw from your website project at this point, no refund will be made available to you.

The Stage 3 payment can only be delayed if there are material defects in the site we provide to you, to what we have promised during the proposal, of what you have provided to us to be included in the website, wireframe and/or website design stages. Should such a defect occur, we have the right to take the Stage Three payments once the defect has been rectified.

Suspending your account

During your website build we reserve the right to suspend your account if we do not receive approval and/or feedback within 6 months from the date that we last supplied work to you.

If your project remains suspended for three or more months, we then reserve the right to permanently close your project.

At the time of closure your project will be closed completely, all money paid to us will be forfeited in its entirety and Yo Mayo will owe you no further obligation in terms of completing your website project.

This term relates to projects at any stage of build; deposit, prototype/wireframe, design delivered and site delivered.


Hosting fee if applicable


We will commence charging your monthly fee 5 business days after website and login delivery. Then, every 28 days after for a period as stipulated in your contract with Yo Mayo.

Monthly fee billing procedure

You will be billed once a month when using our hosting service. We bill on the first of the month for that month’s monthly subscription fee.

You will be billed retrospectively for any additional services that you use during a given month.

Your first month will be billed on a pro-rata basis dependent on the number of days left in the month.

You can opt to pay 6 or 12 months in advance on receipt of a Tax Invoice.

Please contact hello@yo-mayo.com for further information.

Your monthly fee is as per your website proposal until you are notified of any price increase. We will give advance notice of any price increase via email.

Data transfer and disk space

Your monthly fee includes a minimum of:
100MB disk space
10GB monthly data transfer

Additional space and bandwidth can be negotiated at the time of purchase and will be reflected in your proposal.

Additional space not negotiated = $0.50c per MB

Additional bandwidth not negotiated is charged at 5GB $50, 10GB $75, 15GB $100, 20GB $125, Over 20GB = $5 per GB.

Additional charges will be billed at the end of each calendar month.

Payment in advance

You are billed for the month in advance. If you cancel your service, you will not be billed again. However, you will not be eligible for a refund or partial refund for the previous payment, regardless of how much of the current month you have used.

Payment is only accepted by a direct debit from a nominated bank account or from a credit card kept on file. We do not accept cheques, direct deposits or cash.

Non-payment of monthly fee

If the monthly payment for your website becomes overdue by more than 30 days we will put your account on hold until all outstanding fees are collected. We will charge a reinstatement fee of one month’s fees in addition to all outstanding fees.

If the monthly payment for your website becomes overdue by more than 30 days, your website will be taken offline and you will then be liable for any fees incurred in the recouping of the fees charged by the agency.

Cancellation of account and refund policy for monthly fee

If you are not happy with your website or wish to put your site on hold for longer than one month then you can cancel your service immediately.

From the time you receive your cancellation confirmation you will no longer be billed by Yo Mayo.

No retrospective cancellation is possible. You are billed monthly, for the month in advance for your monthly subscription. No refunds or partial refunds are available for unused portions of the month.

Requests to cancel an account must be in written format, stating the date you wish your service/s to cease. Once we receive your request we will reply with a written confirmation of cancellation.

If you choose to commence website services with another provider, you must inform us if our services are no longer required by you. There is no automated way for Yo Mayo to know that you are no longer requiring our services. If you fail to inform us, we cannot refund for past months’ fees.

We will store a copy of your website for 6 months from the date of cancellation, after which we will delete all files related to your website. We will not inform you once we delete all files following 6 months. If you would like us to store a copy of your website beyond 6 months we charge a small storage fee of $10 per month.

We will charge a re-activation fee if you choose to come back to us in the future.

The images on your websites

If we use stock imagery on your website you do not own these images, ownership is retained by the image rights owner. Such images can therefore not be used or re-used for any other purpose and can only be used as they were placed onto your website by us. Any editing of the dimensions in which they appear may contravene their usage rights. Do not copy the images and use them in other promotional materials. If you are looking to own the images on your website or use them for another purpose then please contact us and we will endeavor to put you in contact with the image rights owner. This of course, does not apply to images that you own and provide to us for use on your website.



Your intellectual property and our intellectual property

The system that runs your website remains the property of Yo Mayo at all times. The coding, programming and intellectual property that creates your website is owned by Yo Mayo. In proceeding and paying in whole for a website project with us you own the style, design and graphic design of the website. You also own all of the content that you place onto your website. The content, style and design on your website will be made available to you if you elect to leave Yo Mayo.

Website content

Websites from Yo Mayo can not be used to disseminate, communicate, store or transmit:

  • content sexually-explicit in nature;
  • information that contains virus’, worms or malicious elements;
  • Copyright infringing data;
  • trade secret protected data;
  • data that infringes on any intellectual property, publicity rights or privacy rights;
  • is defamatory, harassing or threatening;
  • relates to illegal business operations or schemes;
  • contains deliberately misleading, incomplete or deceptive content; or
  • is deemed inappropriate by Yo Mayo


Yo Mayo has the right to alter pricing at any time. Before doing so, notice will be given to you. Your continued use of our services implies an acceptance of the new pricing.

Promotional material

Yo Mayo reserves the right to use client websites, web designs, layouts, prototypes, wireframes and collateral in advertising and / or marketing initiatives. This may include portfolio examples on our website, case studies and other promotional initiatives.

Design requests from live website clients

  • We allow between 3 to 5 business days to provide a quote.
  • From approval and deposit payment for work, completion time will depend on the work needed and as stated in your SOW with Yo Mayo. 
  • Depending on the complexity of the work, the designer will be able to let you know an estimated completion timeframe at the outset, if you wish. As estimations, they are subject to change.
  • Quotes are valid for 10 business days from the date sent by TWS.


Support and ongoing maintenance 

Yo Mayo provides email support services on hello@yo-mayo.com and quarterly support phone calls.

Included in your monthly fee:

  • Help using WordPress
  • Billing enquiries
  • Bug reports and fixes of website

If you need futher assistance that is outside your monthly fee, an hourly support fee of between $100-$175 in 30 minute increments is added to your billing: 

  • Support from staff other than our helpdesk staff (e.g. Management or Designer)
  • Face to face support
  • Content changes
  • Designer time / design changes ($180 ex GST/hour)
  • Project manager time ($180 ex GST/hour)
  • Developer time ($180 ex GST/hour)
  • HTML/CSS/Coding training, support or troubleshooting
  • All application training and support (i.e. Photoshop, flash etc)
  • All customer computer hardware issues that we can help with, this is outside of our expertise so is not a guaranteed service
  • Time spent investigating a reported issue for which TWS is not responsible

Payment of all support tasks or additional work outside of your original project fee will be payable as soon as the task is completed. We will not notify you of the payment, we will charge you using your payment method on file.

All quotes are valid for 14 days.

Non Payment of task fees

If task fees become overdue by more than 30 days we will put your website account on hold until all outstanding fees are collected. This will include any email addresses we provide.

If task fees become overdue by more than 90 days we will take your website offline. You will then be liable for any fees incurred in the recouping of the fees charged by the agency.

Response time

  • All support issues requiring less than 2 hours work will be fixed within 48hours. 
  • Support issues requiring more than 2 hours work will be given a fixed timeframe and will attract a surcharge of $150 ex GST if needed much faster than suggested

Site launch

  • We make every effort to launch your site onto your domain name on the date you request when approving your website but we do not offer a guarantee. If we are not able to launch on the day requested we will inform you prior to the date and arrange an alternative launch date.
  • Due to the reduction in staffing levels around Christmas and New Year we do not deliver or launch sites in the Christmas/New Year period.

Your privacy

Your privacy is important to us. We dislike SPAM as well. We will never sell, lease or distribute your contact details to any 3rd party. We will only reveal data pertaining to your account if compelled to do so by law.

Fair use policy

We employ a fair use policy to our websites. If we believe, for any reason, that you are not behaving in a manner expected of a Yo Mayo customer then we reserve the right to terminate your account – effective immediately.

Our website

You may display our website on an internet access device, and occasionally, and only in circumstances that constitute “fair use” under applicable copyright law, print copies of insubstantial portions of our website. You may not modify our website, or any portion of it, except with the express written consent of Yo Mayo.


We make efforts to ensure that our website, Yo Mayo, and all of our services are online 24×7 every day of the year. However, this will not always be the case. There are times when our website will be down, sometimes for things that we can’t control and others that we can. When our service is offline we will do our best to get it online as soon as possible.

We will not be held responsible for damage, events or losses directly or indirectly related to our website being offline.

If you have specific hosting needs, or expect a large volume of users to visit your website in a short space of time, e.g. viral marketing campaigns, mass media exposure etc then please contact us well in advance.



Your website must be hosted on Siteground servers for the duration of your contact with us. Given the nature of our WordPress website we cannot build or support your website unless it is hosted by us.


We will not be held liable for any action or inaction relating to our service. We offer a quality service at highly competitive rates. We believe that our system is highly secure from the actions of hackers, viruses and other problems on the internet but can make no guarantees. It is up to you to back-up and ensure the integrity of your data offline. If your website is offline then please contact us and we will try to fix the problem as soon as possible. We will not be liable for loss of sales, leads or reputation from using our service.

Disclaimer of warranties

Yo Mayo does not give any warranty in respect of our services other than as is implied by law.


If a clause or part of a clause is read in a way that makes it illegal, unenforceable or invalid, but can also be read in a way that makes it legal, enforceable and valid, it must be read in the latter way. If any clause or part of a clause is illegal, unenforceable or invalid, that clause or part thereof is to be treated as removed from this document, but the rest of this document is not affected.


Dispute resolution

The parties will, in good faith, attempt to resolve any dispute, claim or controversy arising out of or relating to this Agreement by negotiation. Either party may initiate negotiations by providing written notice in letter-form to the other party, setting forth the subject of the dispute and the relief requested. The recipient of such notice will respond in writing within five days with a statement of its position on, and recommended solution to, the dispute.

If the dispute is not resolved by this exchange of correspondence, then representatives of each party with full settlement authority will meet at a mutually agreeable time and place within ten days of the date of the initial notice in order to exchange relevant information and perspectives, and attempt to resolve the dispute.

If the dispute is not resolved by these negotiations, the matter shall be submitted to mediation. 

If the dispute or difference is not settled within 30 days of the submission to mediation and provided such period is not extended by consent of the parties, it shall be and is hereby submitted to arbitration. 

Notwithstanding the existence of a dispute or difference each party shall continue to perform the Agreement.

This clause shall survive termination of this Agreement.



This website is governed by the laws of the state of Victoria, Australia. Any dispute arising from the use of this website will be settled in this jurisdiction.

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